About Me

Beautiful Photographs of the Beautiful Life

Hello! I'm Nadezda Mikusova, an art-oriented freelance photographer. My artistic name is Nadia Mikushova

In my adolescence I was passionate about portrait painting.

When I discovered the beauty of fine-art photography, it became my great passion in life.

I attended both painting and artistic photography courses.

Great Attention To Customer Expectation

I Bring Happiness to Souls of my Clients with My Beautiful Pictures

It is not easy to select the best moments from life to photograph them.

First, you must have been born for it.

Secondly, it takes many years to develop the right outlook on life.

The technical problem of photography is not enough to get great results, but it is very important.


Nadia Mikushova Photography C
woman photographer in the garden.Nadia Mikushova 2015 Copyright
woman with guitar by Nadia Mikushova Photography C

I'm Specialized In The Fine-Art Photography

As a fine-art photographer I have my own vision of life and its beauty. And this beauty always occupies the first place in my shots and in my choice of the subject to shoot, in the evaluation of the light parameters, in the composition, etc.

If this is a person to photograph, I try to do my best to represent him/her beautifully, the features of his/her face, the character, the position to get the best photographic result, the body, the look, the expression, etc.