I have a long experience in many fields of photography. Below follows a detailed description of what I do.

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Excellent Photography is the Best Way to Hearts of People!

portrait of a woman by Nadia Mikushova 2018 Copyright

My Expertise


Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography is a Very Special Type of Art. The Art Portrait Makes the Protagonist to Live Through the Centuries. The Trick is to Show the Person’s Soul. 

I Always Try to Do This.


Landscape Photography

The Landscape Photography is the One that Brings Peace to Our Soul.

I Love It.

I Have Taken Numerous Photographs of Beautiful Landscapes.


Event Photography

I Have a Great Experience in Event Photography.

It Really is a Very Special Kind of Photography and Video Making.

Normally People are Relaxed and Natural for Photo Shooting. This Allows for Excellent Results.


Group Portrait Photography

Group Portrait Photography is Always Highly Desired.

Family, Friends, School, College, Colleagues etc.

Group Photographs are Unforgettable.


Wedding Photography

Very Special Photography of One Poetic and Romantic Day. 

It incorporates All Other Types of Photography into Itself.

Plus the Love Story Told in Pictures and Videos.


Interior Photography

Good Architectural and Lighting Skills are Required to Achieve Good Commercial Results.

I Took a Lot of Photos with These Features.